Internal Control Executive

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31, August, 2017

1. Review writing, write documents and make reports

  • Formulate Policy, process about inspection, controling of Internal Control Department; 
  • Review all work flow, internal working process of departments to guarantee rationality, feasible and consistent;
  • Guarantee essential processes of control system are established, implement and maintain;
  • Make control report, analysis, evaluate and propose solution to fix.

2. Make plan to inspect/audit & evaluate departments

  • Make yearly, Quarterly, monthly inspect/audit plan;
  • Design work step to get target in plan.

3. Implement inspect/audit & evaluate departments

  • Control business process compliance of department;
  • Check: rationality, legitimate, honesty and wariness in management, run business activity, Organization of accounting, Statistics and make financial report;
  • Identify risks that should are control, problems and cause of ineffective and make a plan to reduce these problems;
  • Discuss, unify about problems at risk and solution to fix these with relevant departments.

4. Others work as Internal Control Manager’s requirement

  • Age: 25 – 30 years old
  • Bachelor (or higher) of Accounting – Auditing
  • Legal knowledge: understanding legal at fields: accounting, auditing, tax… 
  • Foreign language: English (reading, listening, writing are good)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Soft skills: skill of analysis, evaluate and indentify risk; Communicate skill, Presentation skill, independence work skill, team work skill; ability analize, measure risk and propose solution to fix risk.
  • Experience: at least 03 year work about internal control/audit in companies have scale over 3.000 employee…
  • Personalities: honesty, responsibility, careful, independence, objective, proactive.

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  • Email: tuyendung@globalmind.vn
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