Human Resource Strategy

Human resource is an important goal and a priority in the strategy of construction and development of Global Mind Vietnam JSC. Global Mind Vietnam always understands that human is not merely a factor of the business production process but the most valuable asset of the enterprise. Appropriate guidelines, strategies, solutions and breakthroughs are set by the Board of Directors to build high quality human resources for each phase to meet current and long-term requirements. Global Mind Vietnam pays special attention to developing appropriate remuneration policies to attract high-quality workforce, recruiting and appointing the right capacity, right position and paying well worth the work capacity and contribution.

Training policy

In order to have a professional and skillful staff, Global Mind Vietnam regularly organizes training courses and supports staff in skill development and level improvement.

Remuneration policy

Global Mind Vietnam has been applying a competitive salary, bonus and welfare regime to ensure to retain talented people and attract personnel such as organizing annual vacation for employees, periodic health examination, insurance policies for employees, visitation, mourning or happy occasion regimes and other events occurring in the life of employees such as marriage, maternity, birthday, sickness, etc.